How to make a resume for the first job

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The job search is the first severe test that you must overcome by entering adulthood. But how to find a decent and well-paid place, if the summary consists of several lines? Before you begin to prepare a resume, you must clearly understand what it is. A resume is not a brief biographical story or a piece of paper with your contact information, but an official document that should contain the essential information for a potential employer. As with any business documentation, a resume should be drafted taking into account the basic rules:

  • Informative and concise. In summary, it should be only relevant and necessary information submitted in a compressed form. The optimal size of a resume without work experience is 1 A4 page;
  • Structured. The information must be presented in a logical sequence. A resume must have an attractive appearance and be easy to read;
  • Objectivity and truthfulness. Do not specify false information. At the interview you should be ready to substantiate everything that was indicated in summary;
  • Literacy. Before responding to any vacancy, re-read your resume several times and carefully check it for errors. Feel free to let your parents, or a more experienced friend to read your creation. Perhaps they will see what you have not noticed and will be able to give some valuable advice.

Even without work experience, everyone has something to write about in a resume. It is only at first glance seems that you have nothing to interest the employer. In fact, you have youth, enthusiasm and the desire to conquer career peaks. Any employer is well aware that although it may take more time to train a young specialist, he will work with greater diligence, zeal and dedication than an experienced professional who knows his own worth. So, you already have one advantage: it remains only to correctly and correctly draw up a resume.

Position. After the full name clearly indicates the position for which you are applying. Do not list several items; focus on one. The employer should see your interest in a particular job.

Rosa Williamson