How to spell resume

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Personal and contact information. In this box, specify your marital status, age, address of residence, telephone and email. Pay special attention to the name of your email address. It should not contain obscene language, consist of numbers or carry a negative meaning. HR managers pay special attention to such trifles and, in their opinion, the email of the applicant applying for a severe position should be appropriate. It is best if your email address consists of a first and middle name or a first and last name;

Education. Specify the name of the university, the year of admission and graduation. Do not list all the achievements that you managed to collect over the years. It is also not worth mentioning that you were the head of a group or a stream; you ran the fastest in gym classes or sang in the choir. In this box, it is worth mentioning only the information that is directly related to the position you want to get. For example, if you are applying for a job as an interpreter, you can mention that you participated in a foreign language Olympiad, attended a conference or went abroad for an exchange and practised with native speakers for several months.

Experience. Feel free to point out your insignificant experience, even if it is only a few months. Obviously, as a student, you could only make money and not work full time. Therefore, no one will be surprised or alienated by your insignificant length of service. In the same chapter, you can display information about the internship or internship that you have taken from your university.

Skills and abilities. Depending on the vacancy, your advantages may be: knowledge of languages, office programs or programming languages, the ability to write, draw, edit images, etc.

Personal qualities. Trying to talk about yourself, avoid banal and common phrases: diligent, purposeful, attentive, responsible, etc. These qualities are indicated in their resumes by most of the applicants. Try to hook the recruiter understanding of the specifics of the work. Think about what traits and qualities are essential for filling the position you are applying for. The employer is looking for not only an excellent and disciplined person who knows how to work in a team but also an excellent specialist who can make progress and achieve high results.

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