How to write a cover letter for a resume

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The cover note is an essential additional part of the questionnaire, which allows the applicant to a vacant position to attract the attention of the employer. In this article, we will tell about the rules of its design.

Before exploring work experience and achievements, a potential employer analyzes the appeal received by him, so it must be written correctly. This document creates the first impression of the applicant. The chances of an applicant who successfully compiled the escort increase as compared to other candidates.

Pros and reasons to issue

The presence of a letter well demonstrates that the candidate meets the high requirements of business standards. Moreover, this helps in achieving several goals, for example:

  • demonstration of skills of competent writing;
  • focus on motivation, which is essential for employees who change the direction of activity;
  • providing information on those professional parties and employee skills that are beneficial for the applicant to “sell” to a potential employer;
  • an individual algorithm for finding a new workplace (the resume is formalized and standardized, a letter will help show interest in a particular job);
  • an opportunity to show an example of interest in working in a particular organization

A good resume cover letter should have a strict structure:

  • introduction (welcome);
  • main part;
  • conclusion.

The welcome message must be individual (in case the addressee’s name is known). If the name is not known, the appeal should be formulated to the specialists of the specific department.

The central part consists of subsections, which cover the following areas:

  • specification of the position claimed by the candidate;
  • explanation of the applicant’s interest in a particular position (new exciting product, various functions, ambitious tasks);
  • A description of the experiences not mentioned in the experience, but useful for a particular job and the list of projects in which the applicant participated
  • explanation of the motivation of the candidate applying for the position.

The cover letter should be small in volume, but informative. The golden rule is that it should take no more than 10 seconds to read it.

Rosa Williamson