How to write an objective for resume

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When sending a resume to a vacancy offered by an employer, it is essential to let him know that you know what you want. If in doubt, it is better to see an example of a goal in a resume. The sample will provide an opportunity to figure out how to appropriately fill the specified column.

Fundamental rules

Keep in mind that the specific goals when applying for different vacancies differ significantly. Therefore, you should think about what should be the goal in the resume when applying for a job. Depending on the position offered, your goal can be worded as follows:

  • take the post of manager engaged in active sales;
  • get the role of a manager who can find an approach to clients and make lucrative deals;
  • apply for an open position of an experienced sales consultant;
  • getting a career as a cashier in one of the stores of a network of supermarkets;
  • take the place of commercial director in a distribution company;
  • plan the financial and economic activities of the company as a leading economist;
  • employment for the vacancy of the beauty salon administrator;
  • maintain accounting and tax records of the company as deputy chief accountant;
  • develop new products, increasing the range and popularity of the confectionery shop, working as a technologist;
  • engage in the promotion and development of websites as an SEO specialist, show their professional skills;
  • work as a Sous-chef at a restaurant in the chain;
  • achieve growth in the level of sales and promotion of the firm’s brands as a senior sales manager.

It is better to indicate the name of the vacancy you are applying for as the potential employer called it in your ad.

Common goals

But there are situations when an applicant applies for several vacancies at the same time. In this case, it is better not to look for a sample of resume objectives without a specific position, but to make a resume for each of the vacancies that interest you. Overall goals can be formulated as follows:

  • work in a large trading company;
  • realize their increased performance, organizational skills and enthusiasm in a distribution company;
  • get an exciting job in a large manufacturing company;
  • competing for a position in a stable company, getting an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.
Rosa Williamson