What is a CV resume

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The phrase curriculum vitae in Latin means biography. In many situations, there is no difference between resume and CV.

The countries of the European Union use the term CV, and in America, it is called resume.

How to avoid mistakes in the preparation of CV

A CV is a document in English. Before sending, re-read several times, check the spelling on special sites, and let a familiar person who is fluent in English check it for the compatibility of words and grammatical errors. If the employer finds blunders, it may refuse to vacancy.

Remember that CV is not an essay on a free topic; the text must be clear and concise; all essential information must be documented and accurate. If you write that you are fluent in English, and you cannot even connect two words yourself, this will become clear at the very beginning of the interview. You will only lose time. If you need to go to another country, first attend English courses, try to learn how to communicate tolerably well, and in the CV document indicate the starting level so that the employer is ready for your poor English.

Personal information

Regardless of the configuration, any kind of CV begins with the Personal information section. In the corner on the right is a photo of the job seeker. A CV without a photo will not even be considered, so there must be excellent image quality, business style of clothing, sunglasses and hats are unacceptable.

The e-mail address should not be playful and incomprehensible, and it is better to use your first and last name. Each employer checks the profiles in the social networks of their employees, the more thoroughly the candidates for the position are studied. There should not be anything frivolous on your pages; according to your likes, a presentation that is not very profitable for you can be made; try always to keep this in mind.

Sections of the goal, personal qualities, special skills must be coordinated with each other to look like an ideal employee of a particular company. First, you need to study this company, see the list of vacancies and understand what kind of person they need.

Rosa Williamson